Wine Tasting Selections

Wines of the World

Fall/Winter 2015

1. Wollsteiner Kabinett (QMP) 2001

An excellent Riesling wine from the Rhinehessin area full of ripe fruit flavor bursting with lively aroma of peach, and apricot. Sweet and delicious served chilled with an appetizer or German food like sauerbraten, knockwurst and spateezlle.

2. Prosecco 2002

An Italian light and lively white wine with a slight sparkle and clean finish. Produced in Venice it has become the most popular throughout the villages as every afternoon almost every bar pours glasses as Venetians consider this wine a “ombrette” pick-me-up. Serve chilled with Salami and melon or with Garlic cheese bread…definitely one to have for the Holidays.

3. Chasse d’or 2001

A very good southern French Vin de pays medium dry red wine. It has the classic suppleness of French reds from the Rhone valley with mild herb, light red color and soft fruit finish. A good wine for new red wine drinkers that want to explore the taste and flavor of an enjoyable red wine.

4. Cabernet/Shiraz 2002

From South Australia a blend of 65% Shiraz and 35% Cabernet Sauvignon. Discover the “Down Under” of Australian wines; this is from Southeast Australia, which has diverse topography with mountain ranges and ocean cool breezes. This wine is focused and flavorful with black cherry, currant and peppery taste that pairs well with Roasted Prime Rib, Broiled Rack of Lamb or Shrimp/scallops on the grill.

5. Pinot Grigio 2001

Zeno is a wonderfully dry white wine crafted in the Italian style. This is a superb white wine that is crisp with a citrus-lemony nose with tones of grassy melon and a wild flower bouquet. An excellent wine to serve with Fish, Clams and Mussels and light pasta.

6. Wormser Liebfromorgen Auslese 2001

Our German best seller of the famous “Golden Autumn” Harvest this Riesling has all the characteristics of an Auslese with a front forward nose and a crisp appley clean finish. The 2001 Riesling have been considered the best for more than 20 years and to taste this one is to know how delicious the German Riesling can be for dinner or afternoon drinking with friends.

7. Barbera d’Asti 2001

DOC Italian red wine from the Piedmont region where the nebbiolo grape is widely produced and considered to be Italy’s most majestic red grape. This wine is a magenta color that has been oak aged to give it a wonderful mouth filling chocolaty, blackberry fruit with a big finish. Try serving this wine with your favorite Pasta dishes, veal and roasted chicken.

8. Chardonnay/Semillon 2002

Produced in the premier areas of South Australia it is a blend of 70% Semillon and 30% Chardonnay picked at optimum maturity to produce a medium bodied wine. It is fermented in stainless steel tanks and then aged in oak barrels for up to 4 months. Full flavor, melony Chardonnay fruit with light herbal aroma.

9. Merlot Marom 2001

Romanian late harvest red wine produced in a unique process that yields a sweet and delicious light red wine with a fruity clean finish. As a good alternative to a dessert wine or Port serve this wine slightly chilled after the main course or relaxing in the evening.

110. Vina Calderon 2000

Spanish red wine made from the Tempernillo grape in the Utiel-Requeina region. This wine is a light garnet color offering a nice ripe raspberry fruit bouquet with slight oak and very soft tannins. An expressive Spanish wine that will go well with Black Beans and Rice, Grilled Pork and Plantains and pasta dishes.

11. Pinot Noir 2002

Reserve from Brazil in the Vale dos Vinhedos. The winery, Miolo located in the southern region has produced an award winning Pinot that is young with bright color and intense fruity aroma. The palate is elegant and persistent. You will find this exciting and delicious.

12. Chardonnay 2002

Kelly’s Promise of Australia. The winemaker, Andrew Garret has put forth an excellent and wonderfully Chardonnay that is creamy with butterscotch and floral bouquet and a slight oak finish. An excellent dinner wine or weekend fun with family and friends.

13. Tawny Port

An aged authentic port from Portugal along the 45-mile stretch of the Douro River. This has a dark, plumy red color filled with flavorful berry fruit and nutty aroma. An excellent choice for after dinner with dessert such as ice cream, cheeses cake and chocolate covered strawberries.

14. Venus 2001
Heart-shaped bottle made in Italy filled with a wonderful light red wine that has a bright cherry color with nice slightly sweet taste. It makes a surprising gift for wedding, bridal showers and any anniversary to remember that special day with your loved one.

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Wine Consultants: Cheryl and Charles